Sunday 17 August 2008

Lancaster Map Again

Just off the sat phone with Alex,

The Berri is center over the top of Summerset, hugging the coast heading ESE at the moment. They are out of the ice for now. Snow was a bit of a problem when it started to freeze on the deck. They are past that now.
They expect a bad easterly in a day or two, so they will tuck in for shelter when its closer and wait it out.

There is a large weather system sitting on top of Ellesmere Island spinning counter clockwise pulling cold arctic air down in its arms. There should be good westerlies on Lancaster for as long as that system continues. The Atlantic is a mess from the Saint Lawrence seaway to France. It never ends.

You can check out these maps on; Canadian Ice Service or Environment Canada.
Sorry the last one did not work out (different computer). Purple is new ice. 'E','L' &'G' also has new ice
(Second line of the 'egg')