Friday 22 August 2008

K: Sea Monsters

Was on deck pondering a couple of triangular shaped bergs in the not-too-distant, when suddenly...they turned black and smooth, grew to twice their original size and sprouted a third mate! Ye gads! Sea monsters - giant Baffin Sea sharks heading straight towards us. Eeek!. No, no, no - they're Orcas!

Three beautiful, glossy black and white orcas cruising straight up to Berri. A nonchalant breath and duck of head and under the boat they go. Cruising straight on towards the murky sunset as if we were just another piece of flotsam on the ocean surface. Makes you feel kinda small and out of place really.

Glad to hear that it's as cold in Tassie as it is up here. Looking forward to a lazy morning with a latte at Cottesloe Beach in the sun when I get back!


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