Sunday 3 August 2008

McQ: Bol's Point

Well here we are, depending on your source of reference, in the Northwest Passage!!! According to the Arctic Wildlife book on board it begins at Point Barrow, some people even say Arctic Circle to Arctic Circle at the other side. But I think for me it will become real when we turn the corner in 22 miles at Cape Bathurst and hang a right into the Amundsen Gulf!!! Its all so very exciting, and still a little unbelievable that we have come this far and are really, really a mere Hobart or Fastnet from Cambridge Bay- which definitely for me is the place that marks the fact that we are in the thick of things. All reports indicate there should be no real problems with ice between here and Cambridge Bay too- we passed an icebreaker last night and Big A had a chat with him- great, but fingers fully crossed we don't have to meet him again, in anger!!! Then, we shall see how things look from Cambridge Bay for what is happening, ice wise, further along...
Not much else to report from here at the moment, we are just pootling along in no wind, with a dash of engine assistance!!!
Oh yes, Jo, we are currently driving over Liverpool Bars and I thought of you!!!
And not so long ago we passed 'Bol's Point'- Pretty cool they named a point after me up here, alongside Amundsen and the like, and even before I'd got here!!! Sweet!!!
Lots of love

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