Tuesday, 1 July 2008

5745 16725

Comms difficult and The Force has not been with me but I'll try to keep these flying through the air. We're almost at 58 N Berri's highest ever latitude. Cape Horn is at about 5730 S.

Wind now 30 kts, nasty lumpy sea but we're still stonking - McQ has said it all, except for the big whale we saw a couple of days ago and some more Dall's Porpoises. The whale was about half a mile away, only one spout and I think I saw tail flukes as it sounded.

If we can keep it all together, Nome in about 3 days. Might see our first ice before that, but unlikely. And only 30 days to the eclipse, so we have to try to get at least to Cambridge Bay by then.

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