Thursday, 3 July 2008

5918 16752 inside the fridge

As McQ says, the water temp is 3.2 deg C, and that is confirmed by the nethers, which were given an opportunity test and comment this morning. OOOhaaaah! was all they could manage. Other indicators - VoA = 1, solid and requires heating, outside air temp is 6.4, so it really is as if you were sitting in your fridge with some melted ice in the ice tray but without the beam sea, 25 knot spray, bleak overcast and occasional rather beautiful grey and white petrels. Too hard to get the book out Carla - sorry - maybe in Nome.

About 40 miles from Nunivak. We were overtaken earlier by the USCG cutter that was in Dutch when we left - would have been good to talk to him. Might see him in Nome and ask whether they took any photos.

Berri damp and cold inside, but sheltered from the wind and spray. Really glad we put in the insulation - condensation would be awful otherwise. Pete and I discovered in the Falklands that the place to buy specialised gear is where it gets used. I bought myself a full length Mustang survival suit plus a half length jacket in Dutch, as used by the USCG and fishos. Great gear, warm but bulky and hard to get in and out of in small boat - and, interestingly, it does not have face protection like any good yachting jacket. I'm going to contact Mustang when we get close to a usable internet link and ask them why not - there might be a special mask that goes with the suit, perhaps.

No ice yet, and unlikely with this wind, which will blow anything that might have been around way to the west.

Cold fingers. Will try to connect to iridium and send these.

Hi Katherine - I hope you're home safe and happy - sorry I missed you on the phone. xx

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