Saturday, 26 July 2008

Those whom the Examiner...6813 16802

It's been an uncomfortable but dream run so far. We're abeam Point Hope, nearly half way to Barrow in a bit over 2 days. The centre of the low went right over us - a blue sunny patch with cloud swirling around in a huge arc forming the perimeter of the patch. I think we are now in the lower right quadrant with SSW wind about 10 kts and poled out again heading for a waypoint off Cape Lisburne. Still 180 miles before we get to Icy Point, where Cook turned back from 'a wall of ice' in early August.

Sea temp was down to 4 deg earlier - now at 5. Vis about 2 miles in light mist - the up-sun cloud looks black and sinister but it isn't really and anyway, it's gone past us. Nothing to report otherwise - comms still flaky and not able to send through saimail. Was strange hearing Kiwi voices from Taupo loud and clear giving the forecast for Chatham Island at the other end of the earth - probably the same people Pete and I were talking to 3 years ago.

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