Saturday, 26 July 2008

McQ: Arctic Circle!!

So we crossed the Arctic Circle yesterday afternoon- I was off watch and chilling in my toasty warm bunk and it was pouring with rain outside so I stayed put, spared a thought for Neptune for helping us this far and glanced out the window to see if it was as I remembered. And indeed it was, not dissimilar to the equator infact- just different creatures!!! Balancing precariously atop a giant floating Fox's Glacier Mint was a big fluffy white bear, an even bigger mosquito with extra long skinny limbs, a huge spike for a nose and a big red belly, full to bursting, resting against the bear, and various other arctic animals playing around them: Walri, foxes, reindeer and huskies, all trying to topple the mint!!! There was a long thick pole sticking out one side and a big circular wooden board attached to the top and into that an arctic lemming was chiselling- "You are now crossing the arctic circle! Welcome to the Arctic!!!" As we passed they all waved and we waved back and carried on. Not quite as flashy as the equator and certainly no neon lights but a friendly welcome nonetheless!!!
What's more, Kimbra is now officially calling me an Arctic Loon, as opposed to the common variety found further south!!

Its good to be back at sea!!! Chilly but great to be making progress north!!
Hope everyone well,
Lot of love

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