Friday 11 July 2008

McQ: The July Amendments to the Bollinger Viciousness Scale

Velveteyes the reindeer: Noted to be eating lettuce, thus, not vicious. However, slightly more vicious on attempt to get closer (some foot stamping went on!!!)
Gigantic Arctic Mosquito: could be considered the most vicious of all, due to amount of attacks against humans, who make delightful prey as we don't have really thick skin and coats of fur for them to bite through!!
Herd of muskosk: not vicious really, kinda cute, but protective of their baby muskoxes and then apparently they do some pretend-vicious snorting and more foot stamping
Drying Salmon: red but not vicious
Swimming salmon: rather un-vicious really
Bees: HUGE, noisy, but so far not vicious and pointless as they don't make honey
Moose: too far away to make an educated viciousness rating
Nomeites: All very friendly so far and not vicious at all
Blueberry Beer: Delicious not vicious!!!!

More vicious will no doubt follow!!!

Hope everyone is well and Gill and Simmo, you had a great day!!! Please let me know the website for photos soon!!!
Also, congratulations and apologies for forgetting the parents of: Jake Griffiths, Tabitha Mackenzie, Cameron MacGregor and Lola Sakura HH!!!!! (no more babies for a bit, folks, please!!!)

All is well here in Nome as we wait patiently (still!!) for the ice to melt a bit more before we attempt to head north. I think it is good to have a few enforced days: it gives us time to ensure that Berri is properly stowed and organised and all the little bits and bobs can get some attention and means it is a whole lot easier to stay on top of things when we get going. Unfortunately (certainly for my bank manager!!) land also equals spending too much money!!!! 

We have been welcomed again and again into the home of Pat and Sue and their family and we are hugely appreciative of their continuing generous hospitality- thank you very, very much guys!!!

Thats all for now, really. Am trying to upload some photos as we speak, but it is quite slow and may or may not work.

Lots of love to everyone

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