Friday, 4 July 2008

6150 16715 Abeam Cape Romanzof

A bit like the Model T - you can have any colour you like as long as it is grey. AGW, Nome in about 24 hours - still a biggish to-do list - must re-investigate the gear linkage for a start - still not quite right and I hope we're not doing any damage by running it.

Cape Romanzof -33 miles away and we can see it - black, rocky peninsula, three lumpy peaks streaked with snow and wonderful cloud formations coming from the top -NE wind, fluffy stuff close to the peaks, then almost lenticular - bars of cloud, rolling downhill - if the nik was behaving, I have pics.

Yesterday we signed off from the Westward Fishery sked - a different take on David Kellett and the S2H - Calling the Alaskan Command, this is double U ess gee 884 Westward...Calling the Arctic Wind...Calling the Caitlin Anne...calling the Chelsea K...calling the Hickory Wind...calling the Viking...and at the very end...calling the Berri. Thanks Dave, thanks Dan and thanks to all the skippers - it's been great and I hope we don't need to call you again on the way back! Right now, we have the Sea Robin coming up astern - bound for Nome, don't know what he is but have him on the AIS and spoke to him - you speak kind of funny, says he. Yep,says I - Australian with an english accent. Looke as if he might come quite close but still 6 miles away.

Warnings around here about driftwoood - we've just passed 2 huge trees. Sawn at one end, so there must be some sort of lumber industry in Norton sound.

mjc - the survival suit is an MS 2175 model - not by any means YSL but practical and warm - no fittings for mask, but the masks I have seen in previous lives are designed as separate elasticated or velcro 'over the top and roll it down' spray hoods and that would work with this one. Who named Norton Sound? For whom? Cook would have followed most of these bays in and out to make sure he did not miss a passage, so Cook?

Nothing to report - Mome, AGW, will become the launch pad for earth orbit - final decision for interplanetary burn at Point Barrow. Will try to pull in Kodiak Wx fax ice report tonight to see whether we can get it via sailmail.

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