Friday, 4 July 2008

McQ: Happy to hear I'm not crazy!! LFP's and other wildlife!!!

I'm so pleased to hear that someone else thinks little flying penguins do exist!!! I am not crazy!!! Though it would have been cool to stake a claim to both inventing a new language AND discovering a new species!!! It's highly entertaining to watch them try and take off and you can easily while away a whole watch going, 'fly little penguin, fly,' and crossing your fingers that they get airborne!!! Very cool!! It makes me wonder though, do you think you get flying polar bears in the Antarctic??? (note to self: next trip is to the antarctic to find flying polar bears and maybe other new species!!)As for any other wildlife, I haven't seen the elusive seal yet (might he be on a par with the lemmings of Ballyhoo??) I just can't wait to see some walrus (one walrus, two walri???)- they are totally my favourite animals up here!! And all else is good too, the sea is flattish, we have engine assisted sail in operation to keep our average up and hopefully get to Nome or near enough before the pink and purple bits from the North on the grib hit us!!! Sky is still various shades of grey and sometimes I am sure I can see blue bits from the corner of my eye!! Water temp has shot back up to 8.6C-positively balmy compared to what must have been a particularly cold bit yesterday!! Still- unlikely anyone will be able to convince me to dive in!! Not much else to report at the moment really, but we are making good progress. Already our list of jobs for Nome is getting long aswell!!! We are now north of Weeg, Inverness, Plockers and Muckle Flugga too- how exciting!!! but still a wee bit to go for me if I want to get further north than I have been before on a boat though!!! (80N!!!)
Time for a snooze and hopefully some dreams of inspirational things to do with cabbage and potatoes for dinner!!!
Hope everyone is well.
Lots of love,

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