Friday 4 July 2008

Pizza Delivery in the Bering Sea??

A curious thing happened on my 0500 watch yesterday. As I was sitting on deck wondering if any patches of blue would show up through the grey murk overhead, or whether the grey murk would do something nasty if I shook the second reef out, I saw a pizza box go floating by. Followed by 10 paper plates over half an hour. How did they get there? Did the guys on the US Coastguard ship that we saw have pizza for dinner? And surely there should have been more than one pizza box for 10 plates?

The Bering has been refreshingly free of garbage from the land. But in a twisted way, it was kinda nice to think that someone else is up here sharing this grey sea with us, probably not too far away in the grey murk.

Lots of guillemots (sp?), puffins and petrels. Also came across a seal late last night. All very benign now and just sitting on deck marvelling at how many shades of grey there are. We're now much further north than Inverness, so this is the furtherest north I've ever been...and getting furtherer by the hour!

Love to all, K.

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