Wednesday, 30 July 2008

McQ: It's snowing!!

Its all pretty grey about tonight- ahead its dark bluey grey and behind is lighty grey and the sea is rippled steely grey... vis is fine, there is a definite horizon, everything is just different shades of grey!!
There is no wind at the moment so we are motoring towards Tuk, The grib shows no wind for here at the moment then building to 25-30 knots Westerly by this time tomorrow- After we got blasted by 33 knots of west early this morning, completely out of the blue and really no real warning, we though that what was shown on the grib for the next 48 hrs had blown through early. However, it is pretty accurate just now and there is a definite swell building and rolling in from behind, so I wouldn't be too surprised if we are back in 30 knots of westerlies by tomorrow evening!! Oooh!!
Oh yes, I nearly forgot, its been snowing!!! Wet snow and too wet to lie, but great big slushy blobs of snowflakes nonetheless... cool! very cool!! Its back to rain now and I don't think Kimbra, who is on watch now, believes me that it snowed at all in the last few hours!!!
Hope everyone well.
Lots of love
ps J'nie- happy birthday for tomorrow, while I remember!! I hope you have a fab day and everything goes to plan and you get everything you wished for!!! And I hope the pressie from Nome has arrived and that you like it!!! I'll be in touch and check in when we next get to land. Lots of love and birthday hugs, older, wiser sibling. xxx

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