Saturday, 12 July 2008

Idle musing as I sit in bed and watch the rain fall

Pity about the eclipse, but it was only ever going to be possible if we got an early pass though Point Barrow.  I've squeezed as much fuel (in plastic jerries, or jugs as they call them here) as I think we can manage into poor, fat Berri so that once we do get through, if we decide to go for the Passage, we can perhaps bypass at least one of the planned refueling stops (Kaktovik, Tuktoyaktuk, Cambridge Bay, Gjoa Haven and Resolute) and increase our chances of better weather in the Atlantic. We have about 450 litres on board, which should give us 800+ miles of motoring in ideal conditions. Unlikely, of course, but we'll configure the boat for range rather than endurance – most aviators would understand the difference. Resolute would be the most likely candidate to miss as it requires a big diversion to the west and is iffy to get into, but that would mean getting from Cambridge or Gjoa all the way past Greenland to wherever on the final refuel and the wind. Not without some risk. There are ports in western Greenland if we get into trouble, but not easy to navigate.

  AGW, I would really like to call in at Beechey Island but last resort pragmatism may also dictate some corner cutting when (if!) we get to Lancaster Sound. If we get there towards the end of August, Pascal and the NASA crew at HMP will be leaving HMP as well, so there would be one less reason for going to Beechey. We might be able to wave as they fly past on their way out!

Today, we will be interviewed by Anna Hahn, who works for The Nome Nugget on her way to High School in Sitka. The Nugget is on line – google it if you want to know all about Nome.

 I would love to joke about getting into trouble with Authority, but I think that would be unwise. Very serious people and to be taken very seriously. A pity – I can see an interesting dissertation on dysfunctionality hovering somewhere out there but I'd prefer not to be in Cuba when I write it.

 Lifelong friends indeed Pat – if any of y'all out there are interested in a real adventure, put 'Pat Hahn umiak' into google – fascinating stuff and an amazing family.

 And – if any of you are visiting Potter at Royal North Shore, please tell him I'm thinking of him and sending get well vibes.

 Enough already – the pic is an Arctic Tern over the salmon filled Sinuk River – we were told that the Tern migrates between the Polar ends of the earth. Stunningly beautiful bird.