Monday, 28 July 2008

HF radio - SSB if you live in Alaska 7058 15949

It seems that our HF may not be transmitting - it's an ICOM M802 with an ATF130 tuner and a pactor 11pro controller. It receives weather faxes ok and I heard Taupo a couple of days ago but it won't connect to sailmail and I have not been able to talk to Amodino, only about 300 miles away, or Cambridge Bay, about 1100 miles or hear either of them. I've checked the external connections to the backstay and all seem ok - the microphone appears to be working and the set indicates that it is transmitting. I will look at the internal connections from backstay to tuner next. Anyone got any ideas as to where to go after that? Please keep it short if you have - I'll have to pull it in by iridium. Thanks.

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