Tuesday, 29 July 2008

McQ: Lots more ice, mist (fog) still no snow, phew!!

We've seen lots of ice now, big chunks, little chunks, bergy bits, bear shaped, whale shaped, old blue ice, gritty brown ice, snap, crackle and pop, melting ice, big thundering lumps calving from bigger lumps of ice... and all the while having to dodge them!!! As big A said, when the fog lifted it was almost as if it appeared to be a long strip of an ice wall ahead!! (It wasn't, we discovered as we got closer, just the mind playing tricks and the low cloud creating a mirage of sorts) and you just need to go slow and carefully pick a route through- quite exciting really and when the fog lifted, the blue sky came out and highlighted the bright dazzling blue of the older lumps dotted about- pretty spectacular and quite something special really and as Kimbra said, we feel like we are properly in the Arctic now!!!
Woo hoo!!!!
Oh and we apparently saw a real, flying Arctic Loon in the sky (making a noise like a fog horn- wise bird, as it was indeed foggy!!)
Lots of seals too but no walri yet though...
Hope everyone had an exciting day too!!
Lots of love,

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