Tuesday, 29 July 2008

K: Fog

I hate fog, hate fog, hate fog, hate fog, hate fog, hate fog, hate fog.

Guess what? It's foggy!!

We're currently nearly almost rounding the top of Pt Barrow. "Nearly" because Ray the autopilot decided to tack the boat while Alex was putting a reef in the mainsail, so we're currently headed straight for the shoals. Ta Ray. Another couple of short tucks should do it.

Yesterday when we were cruising along with blue skies, glassy seas and wildlife all around, I had this lovely vision of rounding the top in similar conditions and being able to watch the point go by. Not quite like that today. There's a short choppy wind-against-current sea and a pea souper sky!! I did briefly glimpse land about an hour ago in a clearer patch. It looked surprisingly like Carnac Island and the Straglers back home. Only foggier.


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