Wednesday, 16 July 2008

McQ: The rain in (Nome) falls mainly on the (loam (& foam))!!!!

The wind gods, those darn wind gods, continue to conspire against us!!!! Now it appears that the northerlies are set to stay for another few days, which means the wind gods are probably in cahoots with the ice gods and I imagine they are all chuckling away together as the northerlies might blow ice southwards!!!! So, fingers crossed that we get a weather window soon and also, hopefully that the big winds just break the ice up and melt it enough for us to get a safe passage up and round the corner and onwards to the East!!! 

Meanwhile we have time to peruse the weather here in Nome too!!! Looking out the window I have decided that Nome Alaska's weather is not dissimilar to Scotland!!! Now, some people will know that Scotland's weather depends on where in the country you are but often the consistent thing is rain!!! Here in Nome we have days where it is like Edinburgh, cold wet misty drizzly rain and other days where it's like Glasgow, big wet blobbety downpours!! Its a bit like going back and forth along the M8 but not sure which end you are at each morning when you wake up!!! 

Its kinda muddy too, as a precaution i have re-gunked the outside of my boots with sealant and they are  getting a good workout in the muddy puddles, for sure. I am pleased to report that they are still working!!!! 

It would be great to get back to sea and get going again soon!!! But as Big A says its all to easy just to wait and soon enough we will have to bite the bullet and give it a shot- all we can do is hope that our judgement call to go is the right one when we do and if we end up in the North Atlantic a bit later than hoped, well I guess, we cross that hurdle when (if) we get there!!! I have the utmost faith in wee Berri that she will be cope with whatever is thrown at her!!! I can tell you though that my bank manager will be delighted for me to get back to sea and I imagine he believes the longer I stay at sea the better!!!!!!

I have bought us some dice so we can play Perudo (my favourite game: similar to liar dice, but a bit simpler and without the need for poker dice) and think I may have got Kimbra hooked, though I keep losing (grrr, I HATE losing!!!!) and soon I won't be able to blame it on beginners luck!!! With that and good old ruk-shuk I'm managing to keep my competitive edge at bay!!!!

I'm still struggling to upload phots to the blog but I will keep trying!!!

Not a lot else happening here to report, but hope everyone is great at home, (and the summer is still summery for those in the UK!!!)

Oh, I also have a new favourite song, which I keep wanting to put on repeat on the juke box in the Polar Bar (!!!).... all together now, 'No-orth, to Alaska...'!!!!!

Lots and lots of love

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