Thursday 3 July 2008

6057 16740 glass green calm

The laptop is now set to UTC.

Calm, glass green water, like looking at a pane of window glass end on with light coming through it. Still patchy overcast - small glimpse of blue sky way ahead earlier. About 10 knots, NE, just able to lay Nome without too much cranking. About 2 days at 4.5 knots - 220 to go. White petrels, guillemots, the occasional puffin, a seal. While the sun does appear to set (we haven't seen it for a few days) it doesn't get dark - early twilight conditions. We're making freshly squeezed Bering sea with Lizzie whizzing to meet the power requirements and I'm trying to dry out my best gloves - el cheapo lined waterproof gardening gloves from Adak that got left out in the rain in Dutch. Better than anything else I have tried for keeping the hands warm and dry.

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