Sunday, 27 July 2008

Another of those decisions 6950 16420

We're trickling along in the foggy foggy dew at about 3.5 kts, so Barrow in 2 days AGW. The latest GRIB predicts a nice westerly around about then. Do we burn some precious diesel to make sure we get there in case the GRIB is right? Or do we trickle along, save fuel and take a punt that we really will get there in 2 days? Instinct says burn, baby, burn - will cost us a lot more fuel if we miss the westerly.

So - if we're going to burn, when? Best when going slowest to get max miles per litre. Now poled out and still trickling but a smidge faster.

Noice to see the lat/long co-ordinates changing in the right direction as last. 164 degrees of longitude does seem to be a large number.

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