Monday, 14 July 2008

Now for the difficult bit

The entrails are in conformity with the planets and the oracles have spoke - here, in Barrow and in Prudhoe and it seems to be time to go. We intend to leave Nome tomorrow morning when all necessary formalities have been completed and I've paid the Harbourmaster. 30 kts from the south forecast and then who knows. At this stage I'm less concerned about ice around Barrow than about the steady 20 kt easterly that's been blowing along the north coast. The ice will go away eventually but the wind may not and that could make life very difficult. About 3000 miles to Lancaster Sound...Berri fat and heavy with fuel and food - appendages please!

There was a brown bear - grizzly - walking the streets of Nome this morning - apparently sick or it wouldn't have been here, and probably now shot. And Megan and I ran Anvil Peak - can't believe the aged legs held out but they did and are now seriously in need of Medicinal Compound, which is being administered orally. Anna is writing her article, so if it makes the paper, it should be in the Nugget on Thursday.

Bags packed and checked out of the Polaris, but experience says the hovering Examiner may queer the pitch. It's been a wonderful stay - great people, fascinating history and I hope as Pat says, friends for life, Pity we missed the volcano in the Aleutians.

Matt - I'll be in touch, but I can't go south of (I think ) 34 degrees N until after the hurricane season so November sometime, if memory serves.