Wednesday, 30 July 2008

K: The hokey pokey

..We put the third reef in, we shake the second reef out, we do the hokey pokey then we gybe it all about...

Well, last night's rolling, roiling, bouncy bits have eased up and we're now pootling along in lightish winds with the headsail poled out on the other gybe. Heading towards Canada - 160 NM away - and still dodging the odd well-travelled tree. Sea still a bit sloppy, but when I think back on the last 24 hours - fog, rain, sun (woo hoo), motoring-calm, a 30 kt stonker, ice and trees - I'm not even going to try and guess what the next 24 are going to bring! Never a dull moment, it's been busy.

Tired but happy - I'm going to bed for an afternoon nanna nap.

Night all! K.

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