Thursday, 24 July 2008

On the nose as usual. 6443 16737

Left Nome at 0910. Heading out towards King Island in a 15 - 20 knot nwerly. Big lumpy sea, but the sun is out which makes up for a lot! About 60 miles from C Wales, the westernmost point on the US mainland. About 90 miles from Russia. All new territory from here - scary and don't know what to expect, but we'll goo and have a look. King Island has/had amazingly resilient Eskimo population. Difficult to imagine how they survived out here.

Big thank you to Pat and Sue, and Megan and Anna and Clark and Chris for their kindness and help. I'll miss those morning runs, Megan! Longish comfortable stops and I tend to forget how to sail and how to get by in this tiny little plastic box.

On laptop no 2 already. The other one will not connect to Iridium - don't know why. Frustrating. Don't know whether this will work either so will keep it short.

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