Friday, 4 July 2008

6338 16636 Sparkling greenish brown - on the nose again

Wouldn't you know! 60 miles to Nome, 20 kts on the nose and building. 2 reefs, half heady, engine, all straining to get us there - but the sun is out and the sea is showering broken olive glassy garlands in sparkles and spangles and cascades - quite different from the blue Pacific we all know and love and worth the journey. Sunshine makes such a difference. Doubt we'll make Nome anytime before about midday tomorrow - Independence Day! - but the harbour works 24/7, I'm assured so we'll find somewhere to park and probably sleep.

Pam J - thanks for advice - I'm going to let things develop for a bit and then try a hot spoon handle. And the rest of you can work that out if you can! Reports will follow whenever necessary. Pam, if you need to contact me urgently, the website is probably the quickest way, but will take a day or so. Iridium is not working for me properly at the mo. If we get to Nome, I may have a mobile number.

Iff everything works out with to-do list, we will aim to leave Nome in minimum time - perhaps Monday. Will depend on ice reports en route to and at Barrow.

But right now - no way I'm going to sleep in these conditions so I'm going to assume that Chichester was right - when it all goes TU - or, as George Carlin definitely would have said, Tits Up, it's time for a G & T. I suspect there might be a photo.

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