Wednesday, 9 July 2008

K: More random things happening in Nome

As I was working away on a Sudoku puzzle in our room yesterday evening, Corrie called up through the window "You've got

to come down here...there's a reindeer!" Okaaaay... (visions of reindeer disappearing down main street into the proverbial

This is not what I expected to see.

Meet Velvet Eyes. We found out the story a bit later from Pat in the pub. Velvet was orphaned when very young and taken in
by one of the locals. She has a bit of a personality crisis and thinks that she's a dog. Could have something to do with being
brought up with a cocker spaniel and a black lab. Anyway, Velvet's apparently in the middle of the family pecking order -
after the spaniel but ahead of the lab.

I found this website with lots more great pics of random Nome happening:

Check it out if you've got some time, and thank you Tom whoever you may be. I particularly like the rubber duckie race!

We used up the rest of our sunshine quota yesterday and it's cool and cloudy again over here today.

Cheers to all, K.