Monday, 7 July 2008

K: The backyards of Nome

OK. Stuff that people park in their backyards in Nome: very big Chevy and Ford 4x4's; ski-doos; big snow mobile thingies with
cabins; quad bikes; huskies; tinnies (small dinghies with outboards for the non-Australians); hydrofoils (yes, really); antlers;
webber bbq's; wheelie bins; 44-gallon drums; excavators; rusted kids bikes; stolen street signs; dead taxis and any other
random machinery that has wandered in by mistake sometime during the last century and settled down to graze.

My favourite so far - the old yellow "snow car". Does anyone recognise this thingy or know anything about its production
history? It has 4 separate treads instead of wheels & looks like front and rear may be separately driven. Mal - reckon it might be
a good next car for you when the old Holden finally packs it in!!! Looks to be of a similar vintage to your current car. She needs
a bit of work, but plenty of room in the back for bikes, boards and other toys.

Stuff that is definitely not found in the backyards of Nome (so far): mondo grass; water features' slip'n'slides; swimming pools;
pergolas; tennis courts or deck chairs. And I know that they're usually in the front yard, but I haven't seen a letter box yet...

Climbed Mt Anvil today. Absolutely fantastic. Proper account of meanderings and pics to follow. But right now we need to pack
our bombsite of a room to shift to another room in the morning before heading out to Teller.