Thursday, 3 July 2008

McQ: The sea is 3.2 degrees and the LFP's are hiding!!

My word, the sea is 3.2 degrees celsius, which I am guessing is about 37 degrees Farenheit for those who work like that. Either way, its cold, so very very chilly here in the Bering Sea!!! Colder even than the 4 degrees that I attempted to 'swim' in in Spitsbergen!! And some of the seas are quite beam on and any that break near us scatter gazillion blobettes of icy icy spray down ontop of us. It pays to keep your hood up!!! All else good- various shades of brightening grey as the day goes on- oh for blue sky!!! The wind has backed a touch but seems to be easing a little too and we are still stonking along above 6knots over the ground and eating away the miles to Nome!!! No sign of the flying penguins today. (Kimbra laughed at me when I said the sky was full of little flying penguins!!!! Apparently they are guilliemots. what would you rather be known as though? A little flying penguin or a 'guilliemot'???)
Did I ever mention that we mended and re-waterproofed my boots!!! and, most importantly, its working!!! So it may be cold but at least the feet are remaining dry!!!!
Lots of love to all
ps what is lat of plockers? and what is lat of muckle flugga too??? we are now at 58 55- certainly north of Glasgow my miles I think???

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