Monday, 14 July 2008

Not today after all

I got up early to look at the forecast – Nome bleak and cold in heavy rain and the wind due to go north 20+ kts on Wednesday, just when we would be most exposed if we were to leave today. (If you go here and click on Marine and then the areas, you will get the forecast wind and see what I was looking at. You can check the ice too). Enter Prudence, stage left, carrying Proclamation. So I climbed on Pat's trusty bike and sloshed up the main street to wake Kimbra and McQ and suggest we wait at least another day. And so it shall be.

 I've never been a proper cruising sailor and I find these periods of more or less enforced waiting quite difficult – we have this rather daunting job to do and it tends to look more and more difficult the longer one has to contemplate. And today, I had my bag carefully packed with all the stuff I thought I wouldn't need for a week or two at the bottom, so the whole lot is now spread all over my bed again. Eeyore – That's just what would happen.

 The pics are from my window and over the breakwater. Bleeah!