Tuesday 1 July 2008

McQ: Oh I do like to be back at sea!!!

What a fantastic morning...There is bright bright sunshine and blue, yes, BLUE, sky dotted about!!! We had amazing night too with three stars in view for ages!!! Its been a while since we've seen such things!!! There are lots of birds (no eagles!) little flying penguin ones and puffins are the best!! It is truly wonderful to be back at sea- we are stonking along at over 6knots over the ground with a steady 20-22 knots of wind from just aft of the beam... it is due to build to 30 by tomorrow evening and back to the E, so fingers crossed it builds quick and blows through quick before we have to hang a right to the East!!!! I think its time, once again, to pay attention to the whims of the wind gods!!!


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